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As one of the largest suppliers for major and commercial customers and as a pioneer in the area of sauna products, Schreiber Essenzen has been known for quality and innovation since 1922. For several generations we have been developing products that have been thoughtfully composed and crafted with passion. We offer high-quality product series with essential oils such as sauna fragrances, steam bath fragrances, fragrance oils, room fragrances and room sprays for use in the wellness & spa sector, fragrance marketing and in agriculture and animal husbandry. As a manufacturer with tradition, we also have many years of experience in fragrance development as well as in third-party labels and contract filling. We offer professional support in building your wellness brand or brand fragrance.

Schreiber Essenzen also is one of the first manufacturers of baking and nutritional products in Northern Germany. We offer food colourings, flavours, sugar caramel, spices, acidifier and much more for canteen kitchens, bakeries and restaurants. Contact us – we will be happy to advise you!


Introducing COSY Pure and COSY Collection in a variety of exclusive fragrances, with and without Screenodor technology.  Read more

NEW: Equitan Horsecare-Spray

Equitan Horse Care with Essential Oils – Insect Spray, Insect Spray Xtra Strong and Relaxation Spray. Read more


Premium Room and Pillow Spray with organic essential oils. For a healthy indoor climate and restful sleep. Read more


Masterfully created premium fragrances for sauna, spa and well-being. Also in organic quality. Read more


Masterfully created premium fragrances for sauna, spa and well-being. Also in organic quality. Read more


We are constantly working to improve and expand our portfolio. Check out the latest products!

Pillowspray und Raumspray Lavendel-Orange, Kräuter und Zirbe-Mandarine


New: Room and Pillowspray now available in three exclusive fragrances.

raumduft mit screenodor technologie Cosy und Cosy collection


New: Introducing florage COSY an Cosy collection in an eco-friendly refill pack.

Saunaaufguss mit Bio-Oelen

Organic Quality

New: florage Organic Sauna Fragrances – now available in bio quality.

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Masters of Essences

For more than 40 years we have been creating sauna fragrances with a focus on premium quality and unique consumer experiences in saunas around the world. Craftsmanship is complex but one of the most important elements of creating new fragrances is the “fragrance pyramid”, with a top, heart and base note.


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