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Shower Sensation, Peeling Salt, Menthol Crystals

Shower Sensation

Suitable for showers and also as an air freshener in whirlpools.

Ice mint,
spruce needle
passion fruit

Filling Volume: 1 L, 5 L, 10 L, 25 L
Bottles: PET square: green, clear or white
PET round: white
Dosage: Depending on the requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer of the system.
Dangerous goods and no dangerous goods depending on type and recipe. Non dangerous products are possible.

Menthol Crystals

The use of menthol crystals in the sauna can intensify a sauna infusion or can provide an extra fresh and cooling effect. Menthol crystals vary in color from transparent to white. The crystals are solid at room temperature, but melt at 42-43°C.

Dosage: Menthol crystals can be added directly to the sauna stones (3-4 crystals) but can also be mixed with the sauna infusion. (a few crystals as needed in each infusion)

Menthol crystals are available in 50g pharmaceutical bottle or in 50g, 100g or 200g jars.

Standard Package Air Florage

Salt is rightly referred to as white gold. Peeling salts are becoming more and more popular in saunas, as the skin is particularly receptive for the absorption of minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium) after a sauna. The peeling salts nurture the skin and can contribute to a better blood circulation. Dead skin particles can be exfoliated more easily after a sauna session.

 If necessary, rub in during the sauna visit or after the sauna visit and let it work for a few minutes. Afterwards shower. As needed, rub in before or after a sauna session. Wait a few minutes, allowing the salts to be absorbed, then shower.

Schreiber Essenzen Raumduft Air Florage