Organic quality at Schreiber Essences:
What does that mean?

We source our organic oils from certified suppliers and are also certified ourselves for the production and bottling of products from controlled organic agriculture. But what does this mean for you as a customer?

Bio Öle nach EG-Öko-Verordnung

The advantage of organic essential oils is that they are obtained from naturally grown plants that have not used chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are present in the essential oil. Organic essential oils are useful for cold-pressed citrus oils, as pesticides are typically stored in the fruit shells and are therefore also present in the pressed oil.

The exposure to chemicals is usually lower for oils obtained by water vapor distillation (e.g. eucalyptus oil or mint oil).

Conventional oils, however, are not essentially loaded with chemicals in the reverse turn. Rather, the special purity and quality of the organic oils play a major role in marketing. Besides, conventional and biological oils can hardly or not be separated on a sensory level.

Organic essential oils are considered organic according to the following criteria: The plants or raw materials must have been grown in accordance with the directives of organic farming. This means that no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or synthetic pesticides were used. Instead, sustainable methods such as fruit sequence, composting and natural fertilizers are used.

It is possible to use essential oils from organic or organic cultivation in almost all areas of our offer if you want to. Organic oils are gaining popularity, especially in sauna fragrances, perfume oils, head pillow sprayes and room scents. We only buy our organic oils from certified suppliers for this purpose.

Depending on your wishes and area of use, we can also manufacture sauna scents on the basis of organic ethanol. The same criteria apply to this ecological carrier as to essential oils. The cultivation of the raw materials (usually sugarcane, maize, sugar beet, wheat, barley, potatoes and other starchy or sugar-containing plants) also refrains from the use of pesticides and other chemicals.


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Glasflaschen in unserer Abfüllanlage in Raumduft als zertifizierter Bioqualität

The following criteria characterize essential oils from organic Agriculture:

The plants or raw materials used must have been grown in accordance with the directives of organic farming. This means that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers were used. Instead, natural fertilizers, fruit sequence, composting and other sustainable practices are used.

  • Free from Genetic: The materials must not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or have been produced from GMOs. This also excludes the use of GMO seeds or other GMO technologies.
  • Environmental Protection: The cultivation and processing of the materials should be done in an environmentally friendly manner. This includesining soil health, protecting water resources, promoting biodiversity and minimizing the use of energy and resources.
  • Traceability and transparency: There must be clear logs and records of how the materials were grown, harvested, processed and stored. This enables seamless traceability throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Controlled processing: The processing of the materials must be in accordance with the organic directives. This excludes the use of synthetic additives, dyes, flavours or other chemical substances, unless they are explicitly authorised for use in organic products.
  • Certification: In order to obtain an organic certification, the farms, processors and traders involved must be inspected and certified by an acknowledged certification body. These bodies ensure compliance with the applicable guidelines and carry out regular inspections and checks.
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